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Logo University of JenaIn Germany the entrepreneurial spirit is most advanced in Berlin and Hamburg while the federal states of Brandenburg und Saxony are at the bottom end of the ranking. Other northern federal states like Schleswig-Holstein and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern are also at the top end. The researchers explain this with the spirit of the Hanseatic League. The Hanseatic League was a commercial and defensive confederation of merchant guilds and their market towns that dominated trade along the coast of Northern Europe in the middle ages.

In Great Britain it is most notably the region around London and East of England, where a particularly high number of people with an entrepreneurial personality structure can be found. This is in contrast to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland where the smallest number of people with an entrepreneurial personality structure reside.

Regarding the USA, the researchers found out that a particularly large number of people with an entrepreneurial personality structure live in the Western States (e.g. in Colorado and Utah). In comparison, this personality structure is on average particularly rare in the so-called Rust Belt of the United States and in the East South Central States (e.g., Mississippi). Moreover the researchers found substantial correlations between the geographic distribution of the entrepreneurial personality structure and the regional distribution of the actual entrepreneurial activity (for instance the number of start-up businesses in the region).

For their study the psychologists analyzed data about the personality structure of more than half a million of US citizens, about 20,000 Germans and approximately 15,000 British citizens. The psychologists then put them into correlation with information about the economic situation in the respective region.

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