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Recruiting the right entrepreneur for your franchise business can be a daunting task in Germany. Only 10 per cent of the population is self-employed, with many Germans too risk averse to even consider leaving the corporate environment to become their own boss. The generous social security system acts as a clear disincentive to setting up one’s own company or acquiring a franchise, let alone a master franchise or area development license.

Franz-Josef Ebel, the founder of Master Franchise Germany, has an extensive personal network from his time as a Senior Vice President, Chief Editor, Financial Correspondent and Journalist. Drawing on these resources he can find you the right partner for your franchise system. In addition, he employs a set of tools that include amongst others psychometric tests and social media scanning.

Franz-Josef will work with you to discuss your requirements and define the profile of your ideal Master Franchisee. He can advise on and arrange all your advertising needs, handle your leads, screen applicants by telephone, send the initial prospectus and follow up with a more detailed telephone interviews. This second interview is designed to establish the real interest of the applicant, testing the ability to run your franchise and his or her financial situation. The applicant will be asked to submit a Curriculum Vitae and a completed application form and financial statement, and nominate private and business referees. This stage is followed by a one-to-one meeting with the Franchisor Principals.

Once you have selected the Master Franchisee, Franz-Josef will provide support in setting up the company and arranging the necessary finance. In addition he can help the Master Franchises find suitable unit or multi-unit franchisees, enabling a smooth expansion after the successful launch of the pilot operations. If you wish, he can continue to track the Master Franchisee's performance during the first and second year and help ensure that the agreed objectives for the expansion in Germany are being met.

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The Case for Investing
in Europe is Compelling

CaseForEurope_800Despite the Eurozone crisis, Europe offers tremendous opportunities for US businesses and remains the most profitable region in the world for corporate America. This is the conclusion of a report commissioned by the American Chambers of Commerce in Europe and written by Joseph P. Quinlan.

Regional variations in
entrepreneurial spirit

Logo University of JenaThe entrepreneurial spirit varies drastically among different regions in Germany. This is the result of a study by psychologists who looked at Germany, the United States and the United Kingdom.

Number of new startups plunge
to record low in Germany

kfwA buoyant job market in Germany had a profound negative impact on startups in Germany in 2012: Only 775,000 people decided to start their own business – 60,000 or 7% less than in 2011. It was the lowest number of startups in Germany since 2000. These are the main results of KfW's current survey on startup activity in Germany.

German households have
assets of ten trillion Euro

Euro01The net monetary and real estate assets of German private households are as large as the combined national debts of all 17 eurozone countries, figures released by the German Federal Rerserve Bank called Deutsche Bundesbank show. The total assets amount to ten trillion Euro or 13 trillion USD, the net figure to more than eight trillion Euro or 10.4 trillion USD. 

Annual Economic Report
forsees continued growth

roeslerThe German economy will continue to grow this year, albeit at a slower pace than in the previous two years, the Federal Government's 2012 Annual Economic Report concludes. Germany remains the most dynamic economy in Europe, with unemployment reaching its lowest level in 20 years and disposable income continuing to rise.

Lucrative employment opportunities
hinder franchise expansion.

dp6166Three Dutch researchers have found that opportunity costs have a significant effect on an individual’s decision to set up his own business. A discussion paper on the topic was published by the Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA). Find out more by clicking on the headline.
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